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Thanks for checking out my blog!  The fact that you actually took the effort to click on this link means a lot.  No, seriously.


I’m a recent graduate from the University of Georgia where I studied Business and Organizational Leadership.

I’m a black-belt level pro at giving side hugs and one of my favorite movies of all time is Star Wars Episode I.  Yes, you read that right.  I hope you won’t judge my ability to write  blog posts by my taste in movies.   

I’m passionate about my faith, speaking, writing, podcasting, business, and creativity.  I currently work at a start-up in Atlanta called Champion Tribes, a new company some friends and I are launching together.

I am also the co-author of the book Collegiate: 7 Big Ideas to Make College Awesome.

This is my personal blog where I write about stuff… whatever comes to my mind that I think is at least somewhat interesting and worth sharing.  It usually has to do with faith, navigating your 20s, things I learned in college, creativity and ideas, and other things that I think are awesome.  I try not to take my blog (or myself) too seriously.


Here are some of my most popular posts…


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