Collegiate: 7 Big Ideas to Make College Awesome

College can be scary. You leave your family and hometown. You part ways with many of your close friends. You start a new academic career with classes that are twice as hard and tests that are often worth half of your entire grade.

Yet here you are: College. New names. New faces. New challenges. New opportunities.

So what now?

Writing from the trenches of their senior year, Nick Salyers and Caleb Stevens unpack 7 Big Ideas to Make College Awesome. These big ideas will help you navigate the ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges and opportunities of college.

Yes, college can be scary. But it’s also a time that is ripe with opportunity for friendships, adventures, impact, and so much more! From wide-eyed freshman to tried and tested seniors, Collegiate is written for anyone who wants to make the most of their four (or five!) years in college.

Opportunity abounds, but the time is ticking. It’s time to make college awesome!

Grab your copy of Collegiate here!

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